Thanks to the installation of a high-performance flexible production line at Mowi Lemmer, we have enlarged our offer of top-quality seafood products with a range of  “Assembly-Ready” frozen fish products which are specifically designed for regeneration.
The “Assembly-Ready” fish products allow regeneration or professional kitchens to assemble the components immediately in their kitchen. These products are also suitable for various industrial applications, such as ready-made meals.

For an overview of our “Assembly-Ready” range, please go to the Products page and select product type “Assembly-Ready” .

What makes us unique
With minimal moisture loss, our frozen fish products are known to be juicy, savoury and tasty. Our portions come in ideally sized servings at an excellent price-quality ratio.
Our wide range of high-quality products is procured from specialized raw material partners according to a sustainable approach. Mowi’s comprehensive quality system ensures optimal food safety.

With our high-performance flexible production line we can prepare any type and form of fish according to the right cooking method. Our “Assembly-Ready” product range offers steamed or baked natural fish products as well as coated products. Natural raw products are steamed or baked in our specially designed oven. The breaded, battered or dusted products are pre-fried in sunflower oil and cooked in the specially designed oven. Immediately after the cooking process, the products are frozen and packed.

Assembly-Ready products are not suitable for ready-to-eat consumption. If ready-to-eat products are requested, please contact us, as we have the technology available.


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November 13, 2018 – Marine Harvest today launched a global brand called MOWI, and further to this, is changing its company name to Mowi.

Mowi is strongly rooted in the history of the company. The company we know as Marine Harvest today was originally founded as Mowi by Norwegian aquaculture pioneers more than 50 years ago.

“I am really excited that we are now taking the company to the next level. Through implementing our MOWI branding strategy, we can communicate our integrated value-chain from feed to the consumer’s plate. We are looking forward to announcing our new MOWI product line in the coming months”, says Alf-Helge Aarskog, CEO of Marine Harvest.

The company will launch the MOWI brand into selected markets. The branded product line – yet to be announced – will provide customers added value in taste, convenience, nutrition and traceability.

“Mowi is an inspirational name that recalls our pioneering spirit that has developed over the past 50 years,” says Aarskog. “Since the first salmon was farmed in 1964, we have grown into a global fully integrated company, including breeding, feed, farming, processing and sales. Throughout the past 50 years, we have always remained true to our core value – the care we have for our people, our fish, our customers and the environment.”

The proposed name change is subject to shareholders’ approval, and the company has today summoned an Extraordinary General Assembly to resolve the name change with effect from 1 January 2019.

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Several products in our range are very well suited to feature in a delicious Fish & Chips meal. An ‘evergreen’ staple in the diet of our overseas ‘neighbours’ in Great-Britain, Fish & Chips is also enjoying an ever increasing popularity on the European continent. Thanks to the opportunities for cooperation with our sister company Marine Harvest Pieters in Bruges, Belgium, our product developers have been able to create a complete Fish & Chips meal: To the coated fish from Marine Harvest Sterk, our colleagues in Bruges add oven fries and a delicious sauce and pack all these ingredients together in one tray.
A striking example of the cooperation that is possible within the Marine Harvest Group between sister companies with different competences and specialisms, resulting in new, attractive product options for our customers and the consumers.

After a test market organized in the last quarter of 2017, a Fish & Chips item was launched on a national scale early January in 550 supermarkets of a well-known Norwegian retailer. This 500g product – 250g fries and two breaded Alaska pollock fillets made by Marine Harvest Sterk – serves two. The first sales figures are excellent and will get a further boost in February thanks to a national promotional campaign.

IIn February one of the largest German retailers will do a national promotion in over 4,000 supermarkets with a single-serve portion Fish & Chips composed of 180g fries, 120g breaded Alaska pollock strips (the same raw material as used for our Home-style Alaska pollock strips, but with a crispy breading instead of a flour coating) and a 50g sachet of remoulade sauce.

Does this taste morish? Please do not hesitate to contact our product manager Frederik Lambrecht (see contact details in the top right box) or send us your queries using the contact form.

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The recent arrival of a new Multidrum coating system opens up new production options for Marine Harvest Sterk.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to further optimize and innovate our production processes. One of the most recent developments in this field is the purchase of a new Multidrum coating system (picture on the left).



This new equipment enables us to develop and produce new products with a ‘home-style’ coating. This gives these products a new and different look & feel: The light flour coating results in a pleasant bite without a fatty mouthfeel.
This type of coating is comparable to the ‘Southern fried’ coatings which are popular in the chicken industry.

Next to the development of new products which can be produced with the Multidrum, we will also investigate and test if we can even further improve some of our current products by using this new technology.

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