Pizza fish – pangasius

  • Vispizza - pangasius
  • Gratino au panga
  • Fischpizza - Pangasius
  • Product type Ready-to-MAP
  • Coating Au gratin
  • Fish species Pangasius

Pizza fish made from responsibly farmed ASC certified pangasius fillets with an ‘au gratin’ topping of sundried tomatoes, basil and grated cheese. The bottom of the pizza fish is lightly dusted with a fine flour coating to give it just a bit of crisp when baking the pizza fish in the oven or airfryer.
Quick and easy to prepare, pizza fish is a delicious meal centre thanks to the original combination of the mild flavour and firm texture of the pangasius, topped with popular pizza ingredients.
Our ASC certified pangasius fillets are sourced from our specially selected pangasius producer in Vietnam with whom we have done business over many years. This is the front runner in terms of sustainability and the very first pangasius farmer that was ASC certified.


Product information

Scientific name Pangasius hypophthalmus
Origine Farmed in Vietnam
Sustainability ASC certified
Product Range Cheese, Tomato & Basil
Product weight 150g
Shelf life
Freezer -18°C:18 months
Cooled 0-4°C – in MAP:t.b.d., depending on the logistic flow

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