Our products can be packed in a variety of packaging types
with a range of different sizes and content weights.
It goes without saying that design and printing can be done
in full compliance with the style guidelines and wishes of our customers.
If desired we can take care of the design according to your wishes.

Retail boxes

Depending on the nature of the product and the desired quantity per box we offer you a range of retail boxes in various formats. Type and colour of the cardboard as well as the print on the boxes can be realized in complete accordance with your wishes.

business_centerfrom approx. 125g to 1.2kg

Foodservice boxes

Products for foodservice operators and institutional kitchens can be packed in handy boxes with various sizes and in the quantities you wish. The boxes can be labeled on one or more sides and printed according to your wishes.

business_centerfrom 3 to 10kg


We can offer you pillow bags of various sizes, shapes, contents and prints, in transparent or opaque film in various colours and printed in line with your style guidelines and wishes with regard to design.

business_centerfrom 500g to 2kg

Pallet boxes

For further industrial processing our products can be packed in bulk, in pallet boxes.


Mowi Group has operations around the world