Shrimp croquettes

  • Garnalenkroketten
  • Croquettes aux crevettes
  • Garnelenkroketten
  • Product type Premium frozen
  • Coating Breaded
  • Fish species Brown shrimp

The basis for these delicious shrimp croquettes is a ragout, made with a generous dose of brown shrimp from the North Sea and a rich stock of fish and shrimp. From the ragout, croquettes or balls are shaped and coated with a crispy bread crumb coating. The result: A delicious and multi-faceted taste experience, crispy on the outside, smooth and aromatic on the inside.
The shrimp croquettes are great as a starter or snack. The bite-size shrimp balls are great finger food, for snacking & sharing.

  • Deep fryer

Product information

Scientific name Crangon crangon
Origin Caught in the north-east Atlantic Ocean (FAO 27) – North Sea
Sustainability MSC certified

Ragout with brown shrimp in a crispy bread crumb coating, non pre-fried

Product Range Natural
Product weight 15g, 60g
Shelf life
Freezer -18°C:18 months

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