Salmon burger with grill marks

  • Zalmburger met grillstrepen
  • Grill-steak de saumon
  • Grill-Lachsburger
  • Product type Ready-to-MAP
  • Coating Grill marks
  • Fish species Salmon

A salmon burger, made of juicy chunks of pure boneless salmon fillet, farmed responsibly in the cold and clear waters of the Norwegian fjords. The grill marks on this natural salmon burger add to its visual attractiveness and give it a nice grilled appearance. Ideal for a quick and healthy meal: rich in omega-3 PUFAs.
Delicious in a bun or as a meal centre. Salmon burgers are appealing to a large audience and offer a trendy way to further popularize salmon, thanks to their accessible, popular burger format.

  • Airfryer
  • Oven
  • Pan

Product information

Scientific name Salmo salar
Origin Farmed in Norway
Sustainability ASC certified

Composed of salmon fillet chunks, with grill marks

Product Range Natural
Product weight 90g
Shelf life
Freezer -18°C:12 months
Cooled 0-4°C – in MAP:t.b.d., depending on the logistic flow

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