Dab Delight

  • Schar 'Delight'
  • Limande 'à la minute'
  • Kliesche 'Delight'
  • Product type Premium frozen
  • Coating Dusted & marinated
  • Fish species Dab

Natural dab fillets from the north-east Atlantic Ocean, coated with a fine flour coating on the bottom and marinated with a lemon & parsley marinade on the top. The fine flour coating protects the delicate fish flesh and adds just a bit of crisp, while the texture of the fish remains visible on the top side of the product. This results in a  restaurant quality product and ensures a multi-faceted taste sensation. Quick and easy to prepare in the oven, pan of airfryer, Dab Delight is a delicious and convenient meal centre.

  • Airfryer
  • Oven
  • Pan

Product information

Scientific name Limanda limanda
Origin Caught in the north-east Atlantic Ocean (FAO 27)
Sustainability Management of the dab fisheries is regulated by Total Allowable Catch limits, set by the EU

Natural dab fillets with a light flour coating, pre-fried and marinated

Product Range Lemon & Parsley
Product weight 80-110g
Shelf life
Freezer -18°C:18 months

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