Alaska pollock with grill marks

  • Alaska pollak met grillstrepen
  • Colin d'Alaska grill
  • Alaska Seelachs mit Grillstreifen
  • Product type Premium frozen
  • Coating Grill marks
  • Fish species Alaska pollock

Boneless, juicy Alaska pollock fillets from MSC certified sustainable fisheries in the Pacific Ocean, are the basis for these portions – available in two different weights – with grill marks.  Alaska pollock belongs to the cod family and has beautiful white flesh with a flaky texture and a delicate flavour. The grill stripes add to the visual attractiveness and give the products a nice grilled appearance. Quick and easy to prepare in the oven, pan or airfryer. A convenient and delicious meal centre.

  • Airfryer
  • Oven
  • Pan

Product information

Scientific name Theragra chalcogramma
Origin Caught in the Pacific Ocean (FAO 61/67)
Sustainability MSC certified

Alaska pollock planks with grill marks

Product Range Natural
Product weight 125g, 150g
Shelf life
Freezer -18°C:18 months

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