Salmon fillet – baked

  • Zalmfilet - gebakken
  • Filet de saumon - cuit au four
  • Lachsfilet - gebacken
  • Product type Assembly-Ready
  • Coating No coating
  • Fish species Salmon

These tail pieces of Atlantic salmon are available in different sizes. The natural salmon tail fillets are baked in our specially designed oven. This cooking technique results in minimal moisture loss and preserves the juiciness and flavour of the salmon. Immediately after baking, the salmon is frozen and packed. The baked salmon is one of the products in our range of “Assembly-Ready” frozen fish products which allow regeneration kitchens or professional kitchens to assemble the components immediately in their kitchen. These products are also suitable for various industrial applications, such as ready-made meals, which still need to be prepared before consumption.

  • Regeneration

Product information

Scientific name Salmo salar
Origin Farmed in Norway, Chile

Tail pieces of salmon, baked

Product Range Natural
Product weight 100-110g, 120-130g
Shelf life
Freezer -18°C:18 months

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