Global cleanup day

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Marine Harvest arranged its first Global cleanup day on May 4, 2018. Marine Harvest Sterk contributed to this initiative by cleaning the Lemmer beach from (plastic) litter.

We depend on healthy oceans

Plastic pollution has become one of the largest environmental problems we face today. Huge amounts of plastic waste are released to the oceans every day, impacting our waters and the marine life.

Marine Harvest depends on healthy ocean. We will therefore do our part to reduce the use of plastic, to make sure that plastic waste is handled in a responsible manner and to ensure that our sites are kept clean. Throughout 2018, Marine Harvest will be engaged in a number of different projects and initiatives related to plastic use and waste. The first initiative was Global cleanup day on May 4.

The cleanup team on the Lemmer beach received spontaneous help from some (young) bathers!

Marine Harvest Sterk cleans the Lemmer beach

A group of colleagues from Marine Harvest Sterk went to the Lemmer beach on May 4 – armed with garbage pickers and garbage bags – to clean it from litter. They collected an amount of over 100kg of litter, a large part of which was plastic waste!

We are proud of this great result and of our contribution to reducing plastic pollution!







Armed with pickers and garbage bags to clean up the beach

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